Who are the people behind the screen?

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Hello I was wondering who are all of you folks that take your lovely time to help us with our programs here?
Are you guys college students, graduate students, programmers, professors or etc??

Just curious
College student, physics major.
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Hobbyists, professionals, students, professors, and everything in between.
I'm a hobbyist but intend to major in CS when I go to College. I'm a senior in high school, and have been programming since before I was a freshmen.
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I'm just a hobbyist also that has been programming for about a year or so now. Hoping to be able to save up enough money to be able to get a major in CS sometime soon also.
I'm a hobbyist, not as much experience as these boys but am going to go to uni this year, hopefully a good one with a good foundation course, have to wait a week or so to find out.

A lot like zereo and LB
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CS Grad, Hobbyist, I do system administration for a small business network currently for a career.
@BHXSpecter, who's a professor?
I never thought about putting who I am in my other post.

Game and Simulation Programming grad, hobbyist, and full time stay at home husband and father.
I am a school student. I took CS at school. But then I realized that school isn't sufficient. After finishing the 2-year CS course at school in 6 months, I started learning on my own.
Hobbyist. I plan to major in network security when I go to college.
I'm a CS undergraduate student and hobbyist programmer.
Hobbyist/n00b programmer. IT graduate (April 2012). I write HTML/CSS/JS at work (shame on that, they won't even let me handle PHP).

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hobbyist who will go pro one day. and youll see this name and say wow... i used to talk to DTSCode!
@blackcoder: they really wont let u write php? is it a money issue?
No, most companies use ASP.NET. I know I applied at several web positions and they turned me down because I didn't know ASP.
Been doing management, sales and marketing for the past dozen years. studying programming on my own to get out of the current industry I am in and do something I would actually enjoy. Started with C# 2.5 years ago, now doing C++.
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actually, ive seen ruby-on-rails, php, html, etc, used as the main language for many sites and black coder said html css and js
DTS, how old are you?...

I'm just a hobbyist and I have 2 months of experience yet I see that I am in the 80 percentile
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my age isnt important. 80 percintile of what? asp? i didnt say it wasnt more of the widely used but the classics are still going strong. classics is the wrong word but i cant think of what would be better
I've lost track of how many web dev companies my college has shopped my resume around to that turned me down because I didn't know ASP.NET. I know PHP/HTML/CSS/XML and dabbled with JS but have yet to find a company that wants a programmer with those skills (even less locally). I went into a book publishing company that was local to get a web dev job and was told I had to know ASP.NET, Access, C#, and VB so I never bothered applying because I know none of them.
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