A humble request for functional test

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in a few days I'll go on treatment in a health resort.
This time I won't be able to do work on my project HGL.
So I used the last days not to include new features, but concentrated on bugfixes, memory management, performance and security.

Since the documentation on the website of HGL isn't complete yet, I guess people here will be able even to test it though.

So my humble request is to test HGL and use the communication channels on the site like the bugtracker and the comment function. On the latter I have to say I cannot moderate it in that time, but I will read and moderate all after I'm back.

The latest version is 0.4.52 and is available as Ubuntu Precise (x86) package as well as Windows build. Due to lack to access to other systems I could only provide a 64bit Hardy version, but HGL runs fine on Wine too.

So please don't let HGL suffer from lonelyness and test it. A quick start guide is available on the site, as well as all links to Bugtracker etc.

The site is http://hgl.rangun.de

Many thanks in advance.

Some notes: spatial color quantization is REALLY experimental and not necessary to spend too much time on testing.

Further I included headers and libs to the Windows package, but I have no plan if it is enough to develop plugins on Windows, since even the Windows build I do on Debian SID.

EDIT: Please attach the source hgl files to your bug reports.
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No reactions? Okay :-(
So what does this hgl actually do?

The input is taken from a source file, which has to be compiled for quick and often access by the interpreter.
An interpreter than runs the compiled files, takes it input from custom plugins, if neccessary, and outputs its result via custom plugins.
I don't see how that could help me understand what it actuall does.

Your reference often leads to 404 - Article #42 not found

From what I think it does: it creates image files?
So the current question is: why would I use your language when I can do it with other programs (like paint) better and easier?
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It draws a GUI I think.
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The part what HGL does is already written on the site, I also mentioned docs are not complete yet.

Yes, it creates image files, but in the queue is to "develop/program" images and let them get changed by so called control input plugins. So later complex dynamic pictures can get created, i.e. as CGI on a webserver or whatever your fantasy allows you.

But it is in the alpha stage at the moment! So don't expect it fully functional. But it is yet in a state to do functional testing.

But coder777, if you don't want to do functional testing, because you consider HGL totally useless, nobody forces you.

All other are invited.

BTW: just finished the libcaca integration (ascii art). Maybe I'll release it at weekend.
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No, I don't say that it's useless. I just say that the docs don't suffice.

Finding testers is not easy. Testing itself is not easy and without much reward.
So, if you want one you need to make it as convenient as possible for him.
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All is currently a matter of time. I will go to a health resort next week, and I just thought it's a good time to let people peacefully test and try without my comments on everything.

From experience - it is the second time I'll go there - I'll have almost no access to the net. It is located on a lonely hill deep in the northern black forest and even normal mobile phoning is almost impossible, because of the fact: no net there.

Maybe once a week I can go to the nearby city and go to the internet cafe, actually only a pub with a PC and expensive, and at least can check what is going on.

But part of the testing can also be to point out what and in which priority to docemnt.

Else I asked in THIS forum, because I consider people to be able to get a bit more advanced than others.

For my testers and only released on the forum here: http://hgl.rangun.de/media/downloads/windows/hgl-0.4.53~svn.exe
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Most probably I'll go today to the health resort.

For testers, all what is important to test and not yet documented, you find in example.hgl.
On Linux distros there is also the totally chaotic test.hgl included, which shows the few addiditionally but not yet "released" features.

So I hope I won't have an empty mailbox after my "come back" and also a few more downloads :-)
Well, if I could figure out how and what to test I might set up a virtual machine for it.

But it's rather likely that number of testers will be very small...
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So you are only in a the very beginning of testing I believe you are going about this all wrong. The very beginning stages of testing is not just telling people to use your program while you are on vacation and tell you what went wrong when they do use it...

First of all you don't even let the people you want to test your program know exactly what the program does and is suppose to be used for... I mean is it just me or does anyone else have no idea what this program is suppose to do?

So you need to first take care of your documentation so the testers know exactly what they are testing and what they can expect. Without any idea on what the program is suppose to do you will either get very few testers or none at all, or you will get very bad feedback since the testers don't really know what they are testing.

Think of it this way, essentially what you are doing is this. Lets say I have a card game that I want people to test out. And all I do is give them a deck of cards and say have at it, without giving them a rule book or any idea what the game is about. Do you think I would get very good testing results from that?

In short you need to control the tests a bit more and have better documentation.

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To admin: please delete this post, at least close this thread.

1) nobody read the mail and all subsequent posts. I have no plan how to submit documentation if I just humbly ask for taking a glance why I'M in a HEALTH RESORT!

2) HGL is a pice of shit not worth to discuss any more about
I wonder if this is an April Fool's joke.

If it's for real, I have to say Velnias... you're getting too angry, too fast. Nowadays, it's hard to get people interested in your work (no matter what it is), and even harder to impress them. It's a fact of life.

As for me, I would've looked for source code bugs, but I couldn't find the source code download.
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