Hi I'm new here eveyrbody

i wanted to say hi!

My name is Angelus Botnkiv, I am a Russian microbiologist.

I am new to engineering as my second degree and learning programming and I want to get to know everyone here. :)

So hi. :)
Welcome! We have a tendency to go off topic, so this thread will likely be a debate about how someone here is more correct than someone else, and then we'll forget it after a couple days.
hello im a beginner, these guys here have a lot of knowledge and have really helped me, they are also good for debates and good unique coder insight too :)

Ignore our troll, this place can get weird.

EDIT: see! thats not even our troll!
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Looks like spoon is back. Everything is getting reported.

Anyways, welcome OP. Ignore the report.
I think we scared him away :/
Welcome, young grasshopper.

(Wow, always wanted to say that)
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