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I'm not trolling at all... I seriously want to know how to play chess to help out... The one time I act serious in a thread for days people start to say I'm detrailing a thread. WTF.

Firstly spelling :)
Secondly, I meant no harm. Just messing with you :D Sorry for any misunderstanding.
I keep forgetting to come to and post every now and then. I've been spending most of my time on GitHub.. That said, I wish GitHub had a PM feature.

I want to repopulate the IRC channel for discussion. Jump on when you get the chance, I have a few things I need to bounce off of you.

For anyone else that's interrested, #ChessPlusPlus
Can't, I'm at school and webchats are blocked. Go ahead and discuss here for now (or wait ~7 hours).

EDIT: We can also discuss things in the various discussion issues on the repo.
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