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What ever happened to our own little Open Source Project?
I see it has been abandoned for 2 months now.
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Oh yeah i been practicing for this what happened??
I have a heavy class load this semester and likely will for the summer and fall as well, so I just haven't had any time to get into it and I suspect Thumper, LowestOne, and Luc Lieber are also pretty busy. I wouldn't call it abandoned yet, I certainly plan on working on it when I have the time and I think the others will as well. Your also more than welcome to contribute if you'd like.
I can only tell my rubber ducky about it, others had better help or I take it upon myslef to motivate others, thats how I can contribute
I would really like to contribute, but I have never worked on anything like this before (as in a group project and the likes), and am thus at a complete loss at what to do or where to start.
@devon I like your style.
naraku9333 wrote:
I have a heavy class load
The same goes for me. I've had to put it down for a while now. I'll be out of class for the summer in a few weeks and will surely be able to pick it back up.
Luc Lieber is MIA as well, lol. I believe he's taking care of personal matters.

But I in no way intend to have it die. We'll finish it eventually; but it wasn't supposed to be a fast project either.

As for anyone who's interested in it, please go and look at Naraku's, LowestOne's, or my GitHub repos (they're all at slightly different places at the moment). If you can pick it up where we've stopped, by all means. I'm available via PM (I say PM because it notifies me via email, so I can respond in a timely manner) if anyone has any questions; i'll answer to the best of my ability.

EDIT: (spelling)
EDIT2: You can visit the base repo here:
I've got it updated with what is (to my knowledge) the most recent code working code
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I have a heavy class load

Ditto. Along with work not much time.
Is the project supposed to be in C++11 or C++03? It's hard to tell with a mix of C++03 things that are deprecated in C++11 and C++11 things that don't work in C++03
My opinion is we should use C++11 but stick to the lowest common denominator so it compiles in VS2012 GCC and Clang.

Can you give me an example of whats being used that's deprecated?
The 'throw()' clauses in the exception class - though I am not sure whether this is a leftover requirement from extending std::exception.
I could contribute a bit; send Link?
Fork it, commit changes, submit pull request.
What is the indentation convention? Some files use tabs, others use spaces, and some even use a mix of spaces and tabs o_o
I know I haven't contributed so my opinion means jack squat but shouldn't this be zipped?
Computergeek01 wrote:
shouldn't this be zipped?
What are you referring to?
Nevermind I forgot how to use Github for a minute.
Heh. I think I remember now that the first time you used it you committed a zip instead of your actual source code.
Yeah, that was me. I don't get involved in projects a lot so Github is still a bit unexplored for me. I'm pretty sure what you're referring to was almost a year ago so good job on the memory.
L B wrote:
What is the indentation convention? Some files use tabs, others use spaces, and some even use a mix of spaces and tabs o_o
There isn't one, I use 4 space tabs (converted to spaces) so that's what I prefer but as long as code is readable I don't really care. The others may have their own opinions on the matter.
Well the issue is that GitHub chokes on the mixture of spaces and tabs and it looks pretty ugly browsing the code in GitHub.

Should we create a style guide to which we shall conform?
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