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RHEL5 - Stop daemon from starting at boot

I've been searching around for awhile and can't find much on this. I have a service that needs to not run at startup (sendmail) but I'm not sure the best way to do this. I think I can just move the sendmail script out of /etc/init.d to somewhere else, and then just move it back when I'm done. But I'm not sure. It is a test server and I have a snapshot of it, but it's configured in such a way that it'll spam our email with tons of alerts (zenoss server) so I'd like to do it the right way the first time. Any suggestions?
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My UNIX is rancid but needn't you just rename/remove the symlinks from /etc/init.d/rc*.d/?
And for that, I remember there is a GUI utility... so there should be a homologous console utility.
I looked at chkconfig but the man page didnt seem to conclusive on if it had effect through reboot. Removing the links seems like it would work, but it seems messy to remove out from init.d and the 8 or so rc directories. I don't have a GUI available on this machine so command line solution is all I can use.
I've never used chkconfig, but the man page says it automates the maintenance of rc scripts so I think it's safe to assume changes will be effective after reboot.
chkconfig sendmail off

chkconfig is a simple utility in CentOS 5 that simply rearranges the symbolic links within /etc/init.d/rc?.d/.
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