What's the best graphics library?

What graphics libraries are you using? I understand that asking that question is similar to asking what Distro is the best (everyone has their own opinion), but I'd like to try out a library that allows for 3d graphics that is also cross-platform (at least Windows<_>Linux, but Mac would be nice too)...
I've read that some libraries include SFML, ALLEGRO, OPENGL - are these libraries somewhat dated or are they still top choices?
I really did like the look of Lightfeather: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lightfeather/ - I really like the look of but would not work on my old machine. Now I have new one, I must download & install it. :P

OGRE is a popular solution: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ogre/?source=directory

SFML does not support 3D graphics. AFAIK Allegro is supporting 3D and is still being updated. It also provides you with everything you need if game development is your intention.
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