C++ expect library (without TCL) to interact with Linux/Unix host


I have some what good experience with C/C++ programming but now I have come across a requirement to telnet to Linux/Unix host (with login ID & password), run some console/shell commands and log all the output a text file.

By Googling, I found C/C++ expect library (without TCL) but I could not find any documentation / man page / sample code.

Note: I am running on a Linux box (Ubuntu server) and I am able to install any libraries needed for it.

- Can anyone has any experience with this type of coding?
- Share such simple code so that I can build on it and share it back here.
- Any links / directions to start with this

Thanks for any help on this.

You could run telnet from a parent wrapper program that you control and talk to telnet over pipes.

There's an example here:
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