undefined reference to functions in lib , but only in IDES

hi everyone.

i have a strange problem with the linker , when im using a command line compilation in UNIX environment the compilation and linking works.

im using the following line
g++ -std=c++11 -Wall -pedantic-errors -o this.out main_example.cpp cash.cpp contract.cpp rab_qav.cpp ticket_set.cpp transportation.cpp datetime.o

the lib is datetime.o

but when im building via IDE such as (netbeans 7.2 or codeblocks 10.5 )
i receive linking errors as i wrote.

did anyone encountered something like that ?

...are you actually linking the libraries in your projects?
yes i do.
If you receive linking errors, then you are not linking.
Ask your IDE to generate a makefile and analyse it.

There is also the chance that you need to link to a debug or release version.
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