Question to Qt developers

Hey guys

Please help me taking a decision. I live in Bangalore, India. I just completed my Btech( Computer engineering ) and now searching for job. I am good at C & C++. I was thinking to join Qt training classes. How is Qt as career? Will I be able to get good job using Qt? How is the future of Qt after Digia acquired Qt.

Please help
I got a job with Qt and C++ knowledge, not sure what the overall market is but I'd imagine you'd have more luck trying your hand at Visual C++, probably more jobs in that area but I will assume the reason you posted in the Unix subforum is because you want to work with Unices, I think Qt is a reasonable choice and even still learning Qt could get you a job programming with GTK because a lot of GUI stuff is very similar. Best of luck on the job hunt.
I would say that Qt is certainly worth knowing. It opens quite a few doors for you.

Even for non-Qt positions, Qt knowledge shows that you can work in and utilize advanced frameworks which indicates that you are generally better than the standard programmer. It certainly won't limit you to Qt-specific jobs.
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