Sending a file to email

Hello, basically what i am looking for is a way to send a file to email using c++

I don't need an explanation because I can figure it out myself. I just need the source code. Not trying to sound cocky lol

There's not very much information on this topic on the internet from a google search.
Use libcurl for this, there is example code on project website:
Well, Good Luck to copy paste the code but we cannot spoon feed you it can be easily done by Winsock.

Look at MSDN documentation for winsock:

It has a lot of data and effort put i. I learned that only through MSDN. If I can do it you can as well.

Good Luck!
You could use SMTP
... Or you can create a Download a decent Webserver then assign it a SMTP Open Relay setting which means it allows SMTP to be accessed without any authentication then you can always Send Mail.

Of course make sure this Server IP \ Domain is confidential as this can be accessed by Internet Spammers to spam.

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