GUI: Where to start

In the past, I have tried installing libraries, and that had not gone well.

I want to write GUIs for my programs, but I have no means to do so.

1. What tools do you use to write GUIs?
2. What is the best way to start learning how to write a GUI program?

please, no Microsoft Visual. I hate that thing (I hate C++/CLI...)

Also, this is for Windows OS.
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if you are not writting commercial software qt is the best option, easy to install and learn and very powerfull, if you are trying to write commercial software use wxwidgets of some microsoft stuff, i really dont like microsoft products but it is necessary to learn it...
mfc is old and bad, maybe try winforms (it uses .net) or winapi (difficult at beggining)

As you proposed that it was for Windows OS, I would strongly recommend you learning WinAPI as htroyo quoted "difficult at beginning" he is very much right.

After becoming quite confident with Windows API programming you will be able to make professional Applications, without any dependencies.
The reason I do not use any 3rd party Libraraies and such is mainly due to the fact in Industry if there is a Error\bug in the Library you will have to depend on the 3rd party developers to fix the issue and depending on other Programmers will hinder the project therefore use the native API.

It is as good as 3rd party libraries.

I've never used it but I hear FLTK is easy to use.
FLTK is probably the simplest and easiest widgetry lib I've ever used.

I just wish it wasn't so freaking ugly.
I suggest wxWidgets very simple and easy to understand. But you may want to use it with a RAD to make designing a lot easier.

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