PDcurses: kbhit()

I managed to successfully install PDcurses, and am now faced with an interesting problem:

getch() is defined by curses, so no problem.

kbhit() is not used with curses, so... I'm stuck...

I want to have the functionality I had with conio.h, and I assume that there must be a substitute for kbhit(), since they emplemented getch() in the header.

Thanks for your help...

PS: this is because I want to clear the getch() stream. Do I need to clear the stream with curses? Also, the sbstitute for kbhit() would be nice for future reference, even if I don't need to clear the stream...
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a) getch() is implemented in curses like a lot of things. its not taken from conio.

b) if you really want it, i would make your own or...
c)use what curses has provided and use the multiple functions its provided for more functionality


it uses ncurses but if i remember correctly pd curses is just the windows equiv
Will Ncurses getch() keep getting stuff from the buffer like the one from conio?

Ex: I press 'n' twice, and it regesters it, but with the conio version, it will get the second 'n' upon the next call, without user input.
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yeah thats how input functions work
How can I flush the buffer then?

I used to do it like this:

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i dont know actually. i use c++ now and never ran into that when writing c
... you never had getch() skip the input prompt and just grab, from the buffer, the last character pressed??
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no because i either used scanf or unbuffered input
ooo... thanks for the help.

BTW, do you use PDcurses??
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not pd. i use ncurses on linux, but if im doing stuff windows ill either use the sdl, boost, or win32 api
hmm... I use boost.

Does boost have similar functions to curses?
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no... i believe in the heard but not seen paradigm from unix. the console program provides no interface unless there is an error. boost and *curses are two very different things. in this time and age i dont recommend building interfaces on a console. instead learn guis
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