Notepad like program...

I am trying to make a program that works like notepad....there is a text area and a few for a save as button...and one for an is a POPUPWINDOW....Please supply the code to be able to copy the text from the text area and make a file that you name it as....then save the text. I know this is a little wierd to do but I just want the satisfaction of being able to make a program like notepad...just a little more my style :) and btw


Please supply the code to ...
You're joking right?

Notepad is just an Edit Control, you do't have to do much to get your thing working.
I would suggest doing theForge's Win32 tutorial, you will make a notepad like program eventually after covering the basics.
Copy and paste using the Clipboard;

I prefer doing my saving using the C++ fstream;

Windows' file writing is a bit more confusing, but there are a ton of options that it provides (like handling the possibility that two processes need to open, read, and write to the same file at the same time);
@kbw, like I said...I just want the satisfaction of being able to make it...I know how to make the window and all the elements..just not the saving functions for windows.h
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