Direct3D9 Surfaces

I'm starting out with Direct3D 9, reading books and the documentation. I was wondering whether Direct3D has a built in method to release surfaces that I have created via D3DDevice9->CreateOffScreenPlainSurface(). Since I use them for loading image files to memory, I would like to know how to release them during runtime whenever it is needed.

I've checked the documentation that comes with the latest DirectX SDK, but to no avail. The tutorials I have seem to assume that the created offscreen surfaces do not need to be released until the program finishes. If anybody can clarify things for me, it would be a lot of help.
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I'm not sure with DX9 but the DX7 surfaces have a Release() method. The method is inherited from the IUnknown interface, so I assume it's available in DX9 too.
Sorry for the late reply.

So technically, I'll have to check if IDirect3DSurface9 has a Release method.

From checking the IUnknown interface which is inherited by IDirect3DResource9 which is inherited by IDirect3DSurface9, I guess that would work. I guess I need to check the inheritances between the interfaces more closely.

Thanks for the reply.
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