SDL + PDCurses will not work

Despite the PDCurses library claiming it is compatible with SDL, I have noticed something of a lack of compatibility. I tried compiling legacy SDL and PDCurses against the SDL example code included with the PDCurses distribution, and it seemingly returns a new error each time it's compiled, sometimes successfully compiling and then crashing. (For those of you who know PDCurses, it crashes on the initscr() function on stepping through it).

Having literally almost no documentation on the implementation of SDL and PDCurses, I am literally clueless as to how I'm going wrong. I have all of the required libraries linked for both PDCurses and SDL, confirmed by successful tests of each library separately in the same project. Is anyone out there experienced enough with this combination to tell me where I might be going wrong?

Thank you.
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why would you ever ever use pdcurses with sdl? that makes no sense. one is for console and one is for windows (not the os). use this formula for library picking

boost + [option 1]

option 1:
sfml + opengl
sdl + opengl
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