QT Creator and Boost, also Build settings

I'm having trouble modifying the build settings of QT Creator IDE. It's extremely frustrating. In Netbeans it's simple. QT doesn't seem to have a dialogue for this, and I'm trying to figure out how I can link with the boost library with it.

Thanks, your help is much appreciated!! :)
Found the realease/debug buttons (finally)... still can't modify the build settings, though... would be nice if it was easier, like NetBeans (in my opinion, but I stil havn't found the infernal options yet :\ )...
so... I guess no boost huh?
Just place the boost lib in the
and the headers in
(I I recommend creating a new folder in include)

If your using a different compiler with Ct Creator you will need to change mingw48_32 to the compiler you are using.
Also make sure you get the library's for boost that is supported with the compiler you are using with Qt Creator.

Hope it helps.
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That advice is not recommended, altough it will probably works (putting 3rd party headers and libs in compiler default include directories).

The usual way is to add external directories to compiler/linker search path.
yes, but I can't figure out how to do that.

I've noticed that the .pro file is apparently the make-file, but I'm not well versed in the make-file syntax.

I am also having trouble getting the INFERNAL thing to run on another computer: "windows plugin missing". It's not. Can anyone help me? I've tried to find this online, but I can't find any answers.

I build it on Windows 8. It runs fine and doesn't even need the "windows" dlls, but I want to put the program on another computer, and it runs on Windows 7. The program (should be) 32 bit, so I run it. It won't run without spewing out the error (yes, qwindow.ddl is in it's path....).

Thanks for the help...
All Qt DLLs need to be in the same folder as your executable to be able to run it in another computer.

Use a tool like Depedency Walker to find what DLLs your application depends on. Do NOT put them in system32 folder !!!

To avoid any DLL depedency compile Qt as static library (it will take hours to compile from sources and not very easy for a beginner).
I'm gonna wait for a weekind to do that.
Thanks. I added some additional .dll's into the platforms subfolder:


on top of qwindows.dll and qminimal.dll. It works on my system and windows 7 system. Dependency walker did not pick this up, and apparently niether did... windows...
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