Two textBox and one scroolBar (Visual studio c++ 2010)

Hello everyone and happy holiday, im trying to make two text boxes to be able to be scrolled with one scrollbar and i want to use vScrollBar and hScroolBar
And i think i should be able to achieve this using this code:

myTextBox->HorizontalOffset = myhScrollBar->Value
myTextBox->VerticalOffset = myvScrollBar->Value

But there is a problem i get this error:
(: error C2039: 'VerticalOffset' : is not a member of 'System::Windows::Forms::TextBox')

Here is link to my screenshoot.

Thank you for reading. All help much appreciated.

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I remembered I've got a similar problem before. However, it was about two C# textboxes:

However, I didn't got the problem fixed even I read over all the textbox control tutorial:

Hope your question soon be fixed.
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