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I've seen this question asked before but I didn't see any real answers.

Is there any good books or online courses (not college courses) that I can get which would teach the basics of windows application programming?

I'm writing console applications at a beginner level right now and I know that's the place to begin, but I would also like to begin with learning how to write windows apps.

I'm using Visual Studio Pro 2013 and I can write C# apps with that but I'm totally unfamiliar with C# and as I understand it the language is specific to Microsoft. If that's not correct someone please tell me.

I've seen lots of books out there on C# but not C++.

Thank you.
you can ask this question on milion of forums and browse the web for days and you won't find anything new.

the only 2 resources that every one would recommend you is to either use MSDN documentation or read Petzhold's book.
unfotunetely there is nothing better.

as I understand it the language is specific to Microsoft

not only that C# is Microsoft only but it's also based on .NET

but what do you expect by "windows application programming"?
it's also Microsoft based..
Maybe you don't like Microsoft, (I do not) but at least they have the best documentation on the net.
For books:
Programming Windows 5th Edition
Charles Petzold

followed by

Windows via C/C++ 5th Edition
Jeffrey Richter


It's easy to learn. You are on the right track ..

start with console applications first. Just to aware yourself with the IDE (but you already worked in C# you are already familiar :-))

After that you just visit the following link

Here, start with SDI, MDI and Dialog based applications.

After that cover windows controls one by one. The site has a lot of relevant information. If you have any doubts or problems discuss it over the forums of course ... ... All the best. !!
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