MySQL server database connection for multiple computers

Hi everyone

i have a messenger sort of program that connects with the mysql server database(xampp
i have installed that application in 3 of my friend computer and i want to connect them with the same databases too without installing mysql or xampp on their computer.what should i do?
please guide step by step.

Thank you
It all depends on your connection string. You can provide the IP address of another computer where is database is actually installed. The mysql workbench will show you the necessary informations.
this is my connection string...
is this ok:

The address is tht local host, i. e. the computer where the program is running. So no, it does not refer to another computer.

To obtain the ip address of the mysql computer you may use 'ipconfig' in the command line environment. There should be an address different from

Also to test whether the mysql computer is reachable you may use ping from the other computer.
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