Best place to start?

I'm just asking what is your first or what is the best place to start windows programming. Also how long does did it take you to learn the basics?

All suggestions are appreciated.
this might help...

...but I'm biased because I wrote it.
Hi, I'm beggier too, I did learn windows API some time ago but forgot a lot and took another shot at it as I'm in need.

I use Chareles Petzold's book which is the best one out there for begginers.

also I use MSDN articles and API reference for all the stuff that isn't covered in the book, and since the book is for C and is quite out of date, the MSDN articles while hard to follow come pretty much handy to present newest technologies and practices.

You will for sure have hard time to learn since there is no AIO place or book to start, surely there are videos and various forums with samples so you'll need to spend lots of time to gather resources around the web.

If you're interested we can learn together and share ideas and code samples via github.
learning should be more fun for both of us.

Charles Petzold book has lots of samples but there is no way to copy code out of the book, other than typing which slows learning down, so I used one trick to copy code out and make VS solutions chapter by chapter (I'm on chapter 5 now), so if you want we can go together trough the book, I will be happy to share VS solutions from the book with you.

Charles Petzold's example programs from his books used to be on his website. That was a nice thing since a lot of used books come without the CDs. You might check that out.
thank a lot for this, I just checked and there are makefiles in the zip file.

but the makefiles seem to be set up for GNU compilers, looks like additional work is needed to make them generate something useful for VC :/

btw, I converted pdf into html, and then copied code, but problem is
the code is unformatted :(

still it feels faster than modifying the makefiles.
If you use visual studio you just copy the .cpp, .h + the resource files into one directory and chose File->New->Project from existing code and choose Win application. Normally that should do.
thanks, it looks like I forgot to use old friend google lol

just found this repository with complete VS solutions :D
Everything's out there somewhere I guess! :)

One thing to consider is command line compiling. That's what I do almost exclusively with C++. But then, I do some pretty weird things, like use my own C Runtime, which kind of freaks VS out.
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