Latest Free ATL library

Hi, community!

I want to more newer free ATL library (than it from WDK7.1) from Microsoft,

Or, want to use really free ATL library from reactos:

Is it possible?

Please no.
NoXzema, i don't understand your answer.

Is there something wrong with my question?
I've never tried ReactOS, but my understanding is that its binary compatible with Windows. There are some Atl Functions implemented in the various versions of Atl.lib. In my experience I believe there was an Atl.lib, Atl70.lib, Atl71.lib, Atl80.lib, Atl90.lib, Atl11.lib, and maybe a few others I missed. I believe they are all freely available even though in a pure sense copyrighted my Microsoft. Did the ReactOS folks re-implement these?

I never tried ReactOS but have always been interested in it.
I had tried to build my text editor(wed) with reactos atl, but getting some error messages.
(i will post the error messages, when i get my free time).

I am also interested in mingw with atl, here is what i found:

MinGW doesn't support ATL. ATL is a C++ Microsoft proprietary library.

You might use the COM C interface in MinGW for it's client. As far
as I know MinGW doesn't have any C++ COM smart pointers implemented.

You can use boost (or std::tr1) shared_ptr to have a C++ smart pointer
library -

You might want to try Comet (
"Comet is language binding between COM and C++. It allows you to do both
COM client and COM server programming, without any dependency on either
ATL or MFC. In other words Comet is a replacement for ATL."

Another promising project is VOLE (
"VOLE is an open-source C++ library that dramatically simplifies the
business of driving COM servers (via the IDispatch interface) from C++."

The latter is actively more maintained.
I have very successfully used Mingw with COM/OLE. I believe you are right, none of the GCC/Mingw developers put much effort into ATL headers. In terms of the various versions of ATLXXX.dll, I believe they are freely available. The dll can be loaded with LoadLibrary(), and GetProcAddress() can be called to get function pointers to the various ATL functions. I've provided very detailed tutorials on all this here relating to use of the old MSFlxGrd.ocx ActiveX Grid Control in a WinApi SDK context....

These techniques can be used for any ActiveX Control. I would be very interested to know if they work with ReactOS. They definitely allow use of these objects with Mingw. I do it all the time. What I have never been asble to do, simply due to lack of expertise on my part, is create COM/OLE objects with Mingw. In other words, I can use them, but not create them.
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