Visual Studio 2017 Clang compiler v17


My development platform is Windows 10 && Visual Studio 2017.
Project properties>C++ compiler> LLVM.
when i try to compile a feature from v17 clang gives an error like the following.
clang-cl does not support MVSC Modules(/experimental/module). This file connot be compiled.

Can someone has any experience on how to overcome this issue.

The error sounds pretty unambiguous. Somewhere in your code you use the experimental modules feature, which MSVC supports but Clang doesn't. Either don't try to build with Clang or stop using the feature.

Sorry the question was not clear.

since I have no experience on clang compiler my questions are like,

1) does the clang compiler supports version 17 features like tie, optional etc. where can I find the last situation on compilers

2) if Yes where I can download the last update for Windows Visual Studio 2017

3) Is there a specific forum for clang compiler that I could find information.

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Modules is not a C++17 feature. It's currently thought it will be included in C++20, but nothing is final yet. Some compilers have decided to include a preview of the feature, but that's it. You really shouldn't be using experimental features, as they're likely to change before the standard is finalized (assuming they're ever even included).
We'll see whether modules will be present in C++20 at the end of the San Diego committee meeting soon, when trip reports are released. The meeting ends tomorrow, and represents the C++20 feature freeze.
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Thanks for the update I'll be sure to look that up.
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