MFC extension dll for building dialog box GUI

Hey folks,
I'm trying to understand how to make a simple dialog box that is to be loaded by a client application (Takion, it's a proprietary trading software)using mfc extension .dll file. I'm aware of using the resource to create a dialog box, however am looking to create one without using the resource. The client application comes with an API library which contains useful classes; one of the classes is inherited from CDialog, and under it has at least 3 other classes that inherit from it.
I suspect that one of these classes is used to create the dialog GUI. I'm fairly new to C++ (been at it for about a month and a half now)and am writing to inquire how one would go about using a class that is inherited from CDialog to build a dialog box through an MFC extension dll (I think it is called dynamically loaded box? not too sure). Any help in this regards is much appreciated

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Here's an article on how to build a dialog without resource template.
Actually using code from a dll isn't different from using code within the application itself. The difference lies in organization of the projects. I.e. You need to make a project for your actual application and a project for the dll. Finally you need a reference to the dll project.
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