old sloppy d3d11

I'm searching for an updated and organized book to learn the DirectX 11 API, but I can only find Frank D Luna's book Introduction to 3D game programming with DirectX 11 witch uses the deprecated d3dx11 and the effects framework. The author has posted some instructions on how to change that nasty code to use the win8 SDK here http://d3dcoder.net/Data/Resources/d3d11Metro.pdf . But the bad news is that I found the code from that link outdated in the msdn here
I've purchased Practical rendering and computation with direct3d 11 but I didn't like it because you must use their engine to build the sample programs, I like frank d luna's book because It covers the framework required to do that.

So how can I convert the code from that book to an updated one?
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may not be much of an answer but I thought dx was mostly backwards compatible, so the old code should work. So you should be able to get it running and then attempt to make it better or rewrite sections of it as you learn, using the examples from other sources on better ways to do stuff.

you could also check to see if the book you like is going to be updated soon. Some authors will issue a new book with updated material often, others not so much.
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