MingW linker-options / C::B

Hello everyone,

i'm looking for a solution for the following problem for two days now. Even posting in C::B and wx-forum did not help...

Win10 (64bit) notebook, Code::Blocks 17.12, MingW32, wxWidgets 3.1.2, several openGL-libraries.

I want to migrate my openGL-wxWidgets-project from devC++ to Code::Blocks. For testing i have a second project using the same libraries, but wihout real function and only onde source-file.
Both projects are - as far as i can see - compiled and linked with the same settings, but one (the test-project) compiles to a single static exe-file, while the other one compiles to a dll-based dynamic exe - and i have absolute no idea why.

Any idea, what the reason might be?

Thank you,
Whether it uses dll or not depends on the libraries used. If they reference the dll you will need the dll.
When your test project does not need a dll it means most likely that it does not use any function from the library.

So in order to link statically you need to use the right (non dll) libraries.

Thank you. I thought, i had the right (several .a-files). But it wasn't the case obviously. In between (with some help from C::B-forum) it works.

Thank you anyway,
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