MS-DOS Quake

I am looking for the Quake MS-DOS project, id only posted the WinQuake and GLQuake versions, I want the original project. Help! :)
are you sure this exists?
the last things I recall that worked on dos were heretic and doom. Quake came after the virus (win 95). If someone retro coded it for dos, I am not aware, but dos was LONG dead by the time quake was played.
Quake was released in 1996 for both MS-DOS and Windows.

id Software never officially released the DOS source, only the WinQuake source.
That's the game, not the source. I believe the OP is looking for the source code for the MS-DOS Quake.
Good point but it would appear it would only be available from a dodgy site somewhere or @OP takes id's advice that
The original dos version of Quake should also be buildable from these sources, but we didn't bother trying.
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