HEY am just learning C++ ive covered most of the basics but now i want to move on to graphics. is there any info available or tutorial to use the windows.h library
Start here:

Read the whole thing. Pay special attention on how the headers are used and the macros that control its behavior. The most important macros are _WIN32_WINNT and UNICODE, I would say.
Here's a good tutorial that should teach you the basics of it.
I wouldn't recommend it before reading about the UNICODE setting because that tutorial (and many, many more out there) make incorrect use of data types and function names. In particular, that tutorial was written when Visual C++ defaulted to ANSI builds. Now Visual C++ defaults to UNICODE builds and therefore none of the samples work as they are written.

This is why I pointed out the documentation on how the SDK works before actually mentioning Windows Programming.
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