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hi guys can you help me to my project i got lot to do so i dont know wer to of my project is to write a menu driven program that allows the user to fill anarray of 50 integers with random numbers in the range of 1-999,sort it,and then search it to determine if a given random number was generated.the menu is shown below:

[F] Fill array with random numbers
[P] Print the array
[S] sort the array (selection Sort)
[Q] Quuery the array (Binary Search)
[T] terminate the program

@ each time the fill option is executed, it will fill the array wth a new number series.
@use any of the sort algorithms
@if the query locates the number ,it will print the messege that the num was locte and the ndx loction wer it was fund
@if d query does not locte d num it will prnt d numb was not on the list and then print d value and ndx location of d largest num less than d target and d smallest value graeter than d requestet number.
What are you having problems with? This is pretty well laid out
how to fill array with random numbers please help
Are you OP also? Anyway, you know how to loop through an array I assume. There is a rand() function that produces random numbers. It's in the <cstdlib> header.

Remember, you'll have to seed the rand() function using srand(). This is different than other languages that don't need any seeding to generate different numbers.
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# include <stdio.h>
# include <stdlib.h>
# include <time.h>
# define MAX 50
# define TRUE 0
# define FALSE 1

int main(void)
int a[50]={MAX};
int array [50]={MAX};
int x;
int Print;
int Sort;
int Query;
int Terminate;
int left = 0;
int right = 50;
int middle = 0;
int number = 0;
int bsearch = FALSE;
int i = 0;

for(x=0; x<50; x++)

if (array[5] == Print)
if (array[50] == Sort)

for (i=1;i<=MAX;i++)

printf("ARRAY: \n");
for(i = 1; i <=50; i++)
printf("%d\t ", i);

printf("\nSearch for Number: ");
scanf("%d", &number);

while(bsearch == FALSE && left <= right) {
middle = (left + right) / 2;

if(number == array[middle]) {
bsearch = TRUE;
printf("** Number Found **\n");
} else {
if(number < array[middle]) right = middle - 1;
if(number > array[middle]) left = middle + 1;

if(bsearch == FALSE)
printf("-- Number was not in the list --\n");
printf("Please enter the option you selected: ");
scanf("%d\n", &Print,&Sort,&Query,&Terminate);
printf("The option you selected is %d\n ");

printf("The random number is %d\n",x);
return 0;
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