r6034 runtime error!!!!

Okay I've been trying to learn programming for months and all kinds of setbacks are holding me back. I've been able to fix most of my issues but this seems impossible to fix. Every time I try to run a program on any compiler, I get a runtime error, saying that the application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please help. I've searched for answers and no "solutions" help.
Well you need to at least post the errors you are getting and even better the code as well. At the moment no one has a hope in hell of helping you.
It doesnt show any errors when I run the program except for the pop up message box that says there was a runtime error. It says 1 succeeded, 0 failed. its mindboggling.
There's a fundamental difference between a compiler error and a runtime error.
However, the cause is the same in both cases: you made a mistake.
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