Hourglass appears when mouse goes on the app window

I am using Qt Creator to do some programming, version 2.4.1 based on Qt 4.7.4 (32 bit). It is presenting a behavior wich I do not understand: When mouse just enters the app window region, the hourglass shows up. In debug mode, a window entitled "Signal reeived" is showed with the following message:

The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the Operating System.

Signal name: SIGSEGV
Signal meaning: Segmentation fault

And Qt Creator shows Disassembler pointing to a line with the following:
0x3c30632c <+0x0000> repnz scas %es:(%edi),%al

Any idea of what is happening? I recorded a video of that, link below.

Thanks in advance.

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A Segmentation Fault happens when you Try to Access Memory you Shouldn't access.

An example is:

Accessing the 15th element of a 14-elements array.
Thank you EssGeEich.

But that disassembler information may help to find where is the problem?
Nope. Check the call stack if you can. The first function you recognize is the one you are failing.
I think call stack isn't there. In the video, I was expecting it to appear at the right side of Qt Creator window. Or am I forgetting anything?

Just adding: Close the project and open a new one, compiling the default code, this behavior persists. Usually, to escape the problem I log off and log in again to Windows XP. Re-open Qt Creator isn't sufficient.
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