Wierd Idea

Is there a way to get the handle to the client area of an opened folder?
Say you open a folder on your desktop, there is the client area where files in that folder are displayed.
I'm curious if I could treat an opened file like a desktop within a desktop. Like being able to set a background picture to it, or confine programs that are opened from that folder to the client area of said folder.

The idea being that you can maximize the folder then open several programs inside the folder and be able to use the scroll bars to move between open programs. A desktop with infinite space...

Anyways, I like the idea and want to play with it. So anyone know how to get the HWND of a folder?
A folder can't have a HWND because a folder is just a filesystem structure. And while I don't really get what you're trying to do, it seems like it'd be much easier (and sensible) to build from scratch rather than hacking the explorer.
You can use a Desktop.ini file and set the folder as a system folder, and that will allow you to give it special styles like a background image. It shouldn't be hard to google it, I've done it for my flash drive root.
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