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Hi friends how are you doing. Actually I want to buy a good book on c++ after reading which I could be a master in this amazing language. I know its not possible to become a master by reading a single book. Yet I request you all to suggest me a good book which contains maximum of C++. Thanks.
google a book called "Thinking in C++" the pdf is free to download. very good for beginners with practice exercises. Also try the wikipedia book, wikibook, called c++ programming. Its a bit tougher though. But if you can get through it you'll know a lot. Don't forget to try the tutorials on this site. All free to get you started.
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Thanks @Manga but I prefer a hard book instead of ebooks.

Perhaps you should look at the books in the Beginner - Introductory section.
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I would say c++ primer 5th edition
It has more that 1400 pages and is great ..
It's great and rewritten for c++ 11(newest one).do not buy 6th edition it's by another author and out dated.
"C How to Program" written by P.J. Deitel and H.M. Deitel
"Jumping into C++" by Alex Allain
Friends Experimenting with all the your suggestions so far, i think i should buy both the books THINKING IN C++ VOL 1 and THINKING IN C++ VOL 2 Thanks a lot to all of you.
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