Hey, can someone recommend a good compiler to me? I've read other threads but they doesn't answer my particular question.

I'm still working with basic C++, but to use Code:Blocks I have to install a compiler.

I would like to make programs cross platform (IDK if that's relevant).
I will more than likely be using SFML as a Graphics API.

If you need any other information, I can give it to you.

VC++ 2012 is good (That is what I use). But it is an IDE and not a compiler(though it includes one). If you have VS or VC++ installed, Code::Blocks can use its compiler.

MinGW is good.
g++ is good.
gcc is not good.

So to clarify, I would just use a different compiler for a different platform?
No, it depends. Some or most compilers are multiplatform. Others, like the compiler for VC++ are probably OS dependent.
i strongly recommend you dev-c++.. that is what i use and i think it is very good for your needs
When speaking of Dev C++, make sure it is the Orwell version, which is up to date. The original project was abandoned years ago.
Indeed i forgot to specify
MinGW is good.
g++ is good.


I use MinGW with Code::Blocks and have found it to be good.
Thanks a bunch, everyone.
hey hi friends there is also an online compiler that you can do programming in easy way
and also get solutions there immediately...!!
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