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I would like to write applications that would work across at least two platforms, Android and Windows XP/7. (8?) Following some very good advice I downloaded and installed Code::Blocks MingW, and I like it. But, I've just heard of another program called QT, which is said to be better suited to multiplatform app' development. What's your educated opinion, please?

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QT is not a programm, but a gui frame work.

Look at this:

Ah, okay, thank you.

Are there great complexities in writing a program that will operate in both Windows and Android environments? In what sorts of areas could I expect to see cracks in the woodwork?
I've been working on Qt a lot recently and love it. As long as you don't #include <windows.h> or #include <sys/anything> you're good to go.

On the otherhand... I don't think it works on Android. As far as I know, Android only supports Java. There is a development kit that will let you program in C/C++, but I think it just ports your compiled object to java before building the binary. Any hardcore C++ libraries/frameworks such as Qt would therefore be excruciatingly difficult to implement here.
Make sure you check that your not using anything in your project that is dependent on either Android or Windows. BTW, MinGW is a Windows compiler (Minimalist GNU for Windows) so use GNU GCC
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These forums are fantastic. I've never been on such helpful and informative forums like this before. Thank you!

Your comments also answered a big mystery for me, the 'chemistry' between C++ and Android. I've installed a C++ editor and compiler on my Android phone, and to be in harmony with your reasoning, I am probably best writing within the environments of each device, unless of is absolutely vanilla C++.

Thank you very, very much!
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