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I still have problems with compiler. Does anybody know how can I download Visual C++? I mean the free version (Express 2010). I don't have internet at home and the link in the Microsoft site is the downloader. I want to download the whole 90 megabytes (Maybe 218 megabytes). Does anybody know any link? I asked it in Microsoft Answers, But I didn't get a reply
Look closer next time, there's a "One-in-All ISO" section in the Downloads.
No! I don't want an all-in one, I qwant a Visual C++
Hi Aivio,
download link

Just get the CD ISO image, AIVIO. The full setup of Visual C++ is in there. You're welcome.
Personally, I would recommend dev c++. It has a great interface and is easy to use. Plus, it is dedicated to c++ and I am pretty sure it has a nice debugging forums for it as well.

You can download here:
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Personally, I would recommend dev c++.

Not recommended.
Refer to about why.
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I don't actually use this myself. But still, rather than the obsolete Bloodshed version, at least use the Orwell version instead:
You might want to try Netbeans- it's pretty nice.
I think you still don't know what I want. I have a Visual Studio Ultimate. It has all languages in it, I down't do anything with htem, I just use C++. So it makes the workplace a little busier and confusing for a beginner like me. So I want to have only Visual C++ (and not Visual Studio) , and as it's 2010 version is free, I wanted to download it. Here is the download link:

But it doesn't download the Visual C++, it downloadfs a downloader for visual C++ and to install Visual C++ Express I nedd to download 153 megabytes to install that. But I don't have internet at home, I want to download it in a Coffe Net and take the installer home. Is there any link so I can download visual C++ Installer? (sorry if my eNGLISH is terrible)
So it makes the workplace a little busier and confusing for a beginner like me.
The express version wouldn't be less confusing. The only difference would be that it loet you choose less project types to start with. once you started a project (like win32 console) it's all the same
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If you have Visual Studio Ultimate why the heck would you want to get the express version when you spent lets see acouple grand on the ultimate... Unless its pirated >_<... But like coder777 said its all the same except you lose more features with the free express version.

If you want 1 file get the ISO download that they have on the website like people have mentioned before that is what you want.
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Yeah. You're right, @Zereo and @coder777 but Because of other languages it installs, it needs to install lots of extra side softwares (like SDK, SQL, Silverlight, (((--->I'm not sure which one is necessary for C++ and which one is not<---)))) and so it uses more H.D and in addition more RAM.

(and about that you said, I have the cracked Version of VS2012 and 2010 Ultimate. It costs me only 5000 Tomans (about 1 or 2 Dollars :D) and that isn't for Microsoft, it's all for the company which cracked, wrote, and created a package for the DVD. And taht's not anything illegal at all, Because I live in Iran. It is not just about softwares and games. also music, cinema, and ... have not copyright in Iran. For example the latest movies Hollywood create, are in reach of Iranian People only after 1 week of when it is shown on cinemas aND we can buy it for only 2000 Tomans, (less than 1 Dollar :))))))) NO COPYRIGHT LAW has it's own advantages and disadvantages. If you wanted let me say more about it in Iran.)

By The Way, I was wondering is there any Visual C++ Express 2010 Download Link? If there is let me know. Thank you.
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Hmm I could be wrong but I believe most US companies restrict users from downloading their products in Iran, North Korea ect. ect. but just go to the microsoft website or try using a powerful tool called google to get the link ;p
By The Way, I was wondering is there any Visual C++ Express 2010 Download Link? If there is let me know. Thank you.

Third time's a charm.
@Zereo, yes. they restrict, even iran gov. restricts it too, I mean lots of websites (including music, cinemas, pornos, even scientific websites) are filtered for users inside Iran. we have not reach to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+ , Gmail & ... .
So we have to use VPN and because of that US companies will nevert know the people who are downloading their products are from Iran.
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