C++ Language Tutorial

Is there fb2 version of "C++ Language Tutorial" book?
What is " fb2" ?
"fb2" is "FictionBook" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FictionBook
Mayby there is one in ePub format.
I saw an online converter that converts an epub to fb2.


As they state
"Our FB2 converter supports a lot of source formats like ePub to FB2, TXT to FB2, DOC to FB2, LIT to FB2, LRF to FB2, PDF to FB2 and more. "

so maybe give them a try, if you have an epub version of the book you are mentioning.
That's the problem that a I only have pdf version and you on-line version!
What's the problem exactly? The online converter accepts PDF input.
The problem is that the converter does not understand the marking of code and the result file seems very ugly((
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