I have release a new function program that was on win32 application. I also need somebody to test it out for me.
Please send me back your opinions on this forum.

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Nobody is going to download your software. Why don't you just post the code?
No mean test it as a user, not as a programer
I have downloaded your program and it's a good start for a beginner. I understand that you don't want to give the source code away because it's closed source and you want to keep it from being modified, which is good for keeping your software original and protecting it from bugs other people might put on it.

Maybe you could download my software from this link: http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/general/85297/

This could give you some ideas about future development, and the name is just a coincidence, that's how I found this post. Hope you find it useful.

I checked out your program, and agree with softwaretime. For the tables though, I would start it with a 1 instead of the 0, since I'm sure most people know that any number multiplied by 0, is 0.
Thanks for the feedback man, I'll try to fix that.
I can't start your program. When I opened it nothing come up.
Have you managed to download? And if you have downloaded it press 'run' when it says that the publisher could not be verified. Also, what operating system are you using?

Concerning softwaretime's program. Rename the downloaded file by taking out the space between Math and Tools, so you get either MathTools.exe or Math_Tools.exe. That's how I got the program running..
I did tried it but it still give me nothing


I'm using Win7 with Firefox and google chrome.
Try downloading it now, I've renamed in with no spaces.
Still the same problem. Did you build it as a release?
No, but now I'll re-upload it as a release build. What exactly does the release build change about the program out of interest?
I've read about it and it say that if you don't change it to release mode, it will create only debug mode version of the program, which can't be run on other computer.

*Note: The important thing about release is that it can run on other computer*
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