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Hi there. First of all I would like to thank you all who are dedicated to helping people on this website. You have helped me get to the stage I'm at now at C++.

I feel fluent enough in the C++ language and now want to create an arcade game. The game will be a 2d platformer however there will be no side scrolling(so that makes it easier). Basically, I would like you to tell me the easiest way for me to achieve this. I realise many people have highlighted sdl is the way to go but I'm not sure.The game will be quite basic and I would like to find the simplest way to do it.
Pick a graphics library you prefer to use (several options out there) and start learning it.

In my opinion (based on what I've used), since you say you are sticking with 2D games, I'd go with Allegro 5. You can google it and pretty easily get it installed for use with your IDE and there is an excellent collection of tutorials on implementing it in C++ at

Good luck.

Another one that could be useful is SFML. I think that one can also do 3-D games if you stick with it long enough to get it down. The biggest issue I ran into was getting the .dll's all set in the right place in the compiler's properties. Just make sure to follow directions specific to the type of compiler that you are using.

I eventually grew tired of SFML because I didn't have a good enough understanding of C++ language to use it fully, but even with just very basic knowledge it was pretty easy to set up little animations and game boards.

Like HellfireXP said, good luck, pick one and try to stick with it.
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