Code:blocks question

I've figured out I'm not doing the syntax wrong when I'm trying to use multiple files. I'm setting up my header files and stuff fine. It seems like code:blocks is causing problems. Does anyone know anything about this? I was trying to use a void function from a different .cpp file, that was declared in a header file. I've done all sorts of things with file properties, making sure all files are fine and everything. I always either get no errors or warnings and when I run the program it's blank, or I get errors relating to the header file.
And to prove I know it's not a syntax thing, the exact same code works fine in Visual Studio C++ 2010. It's something I must not be doing right with code:blocks.
If you are sure that it is a Code::Blocks issue, try posting on the Code::Blocks forum. They will likely be better able to solve the issue.
Did you set the search paths for the compiler and the linker in the settings?
Yes, and I tried making sure the file wasn't precompiled.
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