How to post code and output side-by-side

remove the last \ before ]
before you submit your post

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No need for this anymore, it's been proven to not work.
What has been proven not to work? The codetags work just fine. The problem is careless people who dont read "how to"s before they post... And if they dont take the time to read them, they will not read this either.

People who post topics with code without using codetags should be warned and after several warnings have their accounts removed.

Or just be ignored. As long as they get their questions answered, then why bother?
Computerquip was talking about the post that explains how to use code tags. The posts don't get the message across.
PM from booradley60:
How do you post code and output side-by-side?

Look at my first post!

I appreciate the help. I could not for the life of me find this article through search. It is as if bumping this thread changed the search indexing, since it is now the first thing that comes up when I retry the searches I was using.

The side-by-side code/output is not immediately obvious from the given format specifiers, and I think that contributed to my confusion most.
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