Sending Executable Files

Hello! I am just wondering if it is possible to send a project to someone via email - In a simple way, almost like you would install software from the internet, maybe a setup file, or something. The compiler I use "Dev C++" creates a .cpp file and an executable. Unfortunately, I cannot send that .exe file. How would you recommend sharing a program?
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Use a zip program, and zip the executable and the cpp source file into one file. You can then send it without the browser complaining. It's best to let the person you're sending it to, know what you sent, and maybe even the size of each file, so they know what to expect. Anyway, that's what I do.
You can also use things like Dropbox or Google drive for sharing larger files.
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which email provider do you use? gmail finds it even in a zipped folder.


Yeah, but I'm dealing with people who do not want to do anything except click a file.
I'm pretty sure there's ways to just provide a link to files you've uploaded without the person needing a client.
You are correct on that. just payed a visit to the Dropbox site. thanks
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