Help me about speech to text

how to write speech to text application?

without any plugin all code by myself like Google or Microsoft SAPI or Apple Siri
Just the fact the you are asking this question suggests to me you're not up to doing it...
sorry. my English is poor for now
Well, if you're serious about doing this, what do you mean when you say 'all code by myself'? I mean, do you want to make this with just your operating system and C++ compiler and nothing else?
I'm pretty sure you need at least an API(?) with the device (unless you make this from scratch, too). Try looking up any documentation for receiving the device's input.
i want write program to act like google voice. i speak and it write
like Apple Siri, apple dictation
You're missing the point. Speech-recognition is a notoriously difficult task. Even superior software, developed by people with millions of dollars to pour into it, typically requires calibration to a particular speaker's voice.

Use a library of some kind. Your application will actually get finished some day if you do.

Good luck!
i want it to be fast like google voice. Microsoft Speech Recognition is not fast and is not good for work.

get me best library for c++ or python
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I assume you are looking to make something like Dragon from Nuance (Of course on a much smaller scale). As others have pointed out if you are asking how to do it you don't really have the programming skill to take on such a task as of right now.

Specially if you want to make something better then those that are out there (Like Microsoft Speech Recognition, Dragon, Siri, ect) which all had teams of hundreds of highly experienced programmers working on them and budgets of millions of dollars.

We aren't trying to deter you from what you want to do, but we are just being realistic. This is not something that a beginner would be able to accomplish and I doubt even a highly experienced programmer could accomplish it without a massive budget and a big team.

Though if you just want to learn about speech regonition in generally this might be a good open source library to check out there is also the Mircosoft SAPI

Though be warned you have to have a pretty good grounding in whatever language you choose to use. If you do you can come up with a nice little speech recognition program, but just don't expect it to be in the same league as Dragon, Siri and the other.
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can i add my language Persian to recognition.
If you did want to try to do this without a library, it would be tough, but not impossible. This would be done in several sections:

1. Get a stream from a microphone. You need to interface with a driver, use your OS, or a library like OpenAL to start recording from the microphone. You'll get a stream of data.
2. Recognize when to split up your stream. If you can recognize the space between words, or between sentences then package that data as a single sound clip and pass it onto the next step, then record your next clip.
3. Convert the sample to text. This is the toughest part and you'll really need to think about how to do this. One way could be to pre-record some words, then calculate a similarity ration. Another way could be to pre-record your words and study the waveforms in a graphical format such as what is offered with Audacity. If you can find patterns for specific syllables, letters, or words, and you can associate those patterns with your stream, then you've got it and you've probably just made $1,000,000.

Of course, doing it yourself allows you to choose whatever language you want.

OK. forget add Persian language. i want library work on Linux, mac and windows
i think library better for python
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What experience in programming do you actually have? @Sadegh2007?
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Current posters are assuming OP is spamming. He might not be. So let's not be rude, okay?

I still don't think you understand the magnitude of what you are trying to do.

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