Is there any function to see all member varibales and functions of a library class in C++

Hi ppl :)

Is there any way to print available member variables and functions for C++ inbuilt classes, like string and vector.

Something like dir(str) in python.

Thanks for any help :)
No, not unless the class or library specifically has that functionality.
Thanks @helios for this info :)
no but the web has this on multiple sites, including this one.
I am not 100% sure but man command used to work in unix for most statements. I haven't tried this in a long while.

Reference documentation for C++ Standard Library is a very good thing.

For comparison, I did create
#include <vector>
int main() {}

and compiled with:
g++ -E foo.cpp

This does not actually compile, just preprocess. "Easier" than following all the #includes manually.

The output had 5554 lines ...
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