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ummm i have some c++ quaestiones and i need the solution pls

Array Reversal
Write a short program to dynamically declare an one dimensional array of any
user defined size. Input the array elements and display the original array.
Reverse this array and display the elements in the reverse order.


Fibonacci Sequence
Write a short program that computes numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence
(0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,….). This sequence is defined such that fib(1) = 0 and fib(2) = 1,
and for any other numbers in the sequence, fib(n) = fib(n-1) + fib(n-2). Write a
recursive function to compute the nth number in the sequence. Call this function
from your main program

String Reversal
Write a short program that inputs a word or phrase of unknown length from the
user, echoes it, and prints it backward, exactly under the original. If the phrase is
a palindrome, it will read the same forward as backward. Use a function to peel
off letters and store them in a second array in reverse order. After reversing the
string , compare it to the original and display the message Palindrome, if the
string is the same forward as backward . Otherwise display No Palindrome. For
example “MALAYALAM” is a palindrome; “BANANA” is not a palindrome
Employee Payroll
Write a program that takes input of employee information like
o Id
o Name
o Salary
And provides below functionality
a) Search on name
b) Sort on ID
c) Sort on Salary
d) Display all Records
using structures.
5. Mawsalat Transport System
Write a program using structures that takes input of the following details of 5
transport bus
 Bus Number
 Route
 No of Passengers
And provides the below functionality:
a. Bus Number which has the highest number of passengers
b. Search Bus based on a Route

We're not a free homework service. If you're having problems with code you've written, then please show us the code, and explain what the specific problem you're having is.
the language contains functions that can reverse arrays. Strings are arrays, and can also be reversed, so that is a one liner for 1 and 3. 2 is a pretty simple loop, you can either add 2 numbers in a loop or use the direct formula for the sequence via the golden ratio etc. 4 requires a sort, also built into the language or you can write your own simple sort like shellsort in 10 or 20 lines of code.

Give 1-3 a try and then see if you can get the sort working. At that point you may have questions we can help with.

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