get file full name and path

I have written some C++ but I am a newbie. I have a C program for which I need an input filename,type,path. I want to get it using a GUI wrapper for the C file. I need to get it from Linux WIN and MAC (should have used JAVA or QT but want it to be free $). I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you. Alvin...
I thought QT is free?! And, I think it has a file open dialog somewhere, but I can't recall fully.

Both Java and Qt can be free as in money ($).

As far as "free as in freedom", I am not as sure. Java has parts of its libraries still not open source, and I'm not sure of the specifics in licensing.

Qt provides both proprietary and open licenses.
The "open" version is licensed under GPL & LGPLv3 licenses. Certain parts are GPL, and in order to distribute them, you must provide source code, but for the LGPLv3 parts, it is sufficient to dynamically link the Qt libraries.

That being said... I am not too familiar with the specifics for how to open up a file menu cross-platform.

For Qt, a google search gives

For Windows (or I guess it can be cross-platform with Mono? No idea), .NET has classes like OpenFileDialog
Windows C/C++:
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