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You are developing a program to control the warning signs as the exists of major tunnels. If roads are slick ( road_status is ‘S’) , you want to advise drives that stopping times are doubled or quadrupled, depending on whether the road are wet or icy. Your program will also have access to the current temperature in degrees Celsius (temp), so a check as to whether the temperature is above or below freezing would allow you to choose the correct message.
i tried but i cant solve i need the answer of this code.
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That's a really nice homework assignment. What do you want us to do about it?
i need the answer i tried but i couldnt answer it i need the code
If the road wet you will tell the drivers and tell him that stopping time is doubled. If the road is icy tell the drivers that and the stopping time is quadruple. Otherwise tell him to “Drive carefully”
this is the rest
Please show us what you've tried so far.
i dont have what i have tried it was with my friend i dont have it and we need to know the code for this program in c++ urgently.
We're not going to do your homework for you. Make an attempt yourself and show us what you have so far. When you get stuck, tell us specifically what your problem is (not "it doesn't work") and we will help you get past your obstacles.


If your code does not compile, post the actual compilation output.

If your code runs but you get incorrect output, tell us what output you are getting and what you expect.

If you can't figure out syntax for a particular line, ask us and we will help.

Show us any reasonable attempt at doing the project, and we will help you take the next step. But urgently demanding that somebody present you with the answer is a non-starter with most of us.
thank you you are not answering the right answer
No, Omar, you are not asking the right question.

We are all volunteers here. The reason we spend time here is to help other people learn how to do this stuff.

You not only refuse to make any effort, you demand that we do it for you, then have the snot to be rude about it.

You will find that people like you better if you don’t offend their social mores.

Your options right now are, ranked in order of favorable outcome:

 • make an effort: we will help
 • offer sufficient money: someone might do it for that
 • get lucky: sometimes someone does your homework for you anyway
 • go away: because we will continue to dislike your lack of grace

(Frankly, the last three options are significantly less likely to get your homework written than the first.)
You are not asking the right questions. If you want the code for this program served on a silver platter, find an older student and pay him to do the project for you. But, if you care about learning anything, then show your work and we will gladly help, just as doug4 explained.
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