Machine Learning open source for C++

I know this question has been asked before but many of the suggested packages such as MLC++ and shark the main pages seems not longer working.

We are doing some medical research using machine learning, we normally use MATLAB to prototype but the device where we get cardiac signals sends data to the cloud and analyze the data using a program written in C++.

We want to try some machine learning techniques such as Boosting regression trees or something similar to the predict function in MATLAB. Can you help me with some open source solutions for C++ that cover these topics? I only have been able to find OpenCV and old shark repos.

Thank you in advance
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matlab used to generate c++ or maybe c (?) programs from matlab scripts directly. I don't know if it still supports this, have not used it in some years. Like matlab, the resulting code ran a little slow, though. It was ok if you did not need real-time.

yes they do, but we need something better than that as the idea is to be doing changing directly into the c++ code, thanks for the reply
I've heard good things about mlpack

It is non-viral; has a 3-clause BSD license, with Boost licence (for components from boost), and Mozilla public licence (for components from Armadillo)
thank you!!, I'll take a look
in order to help people looking for this information, besides the MLPACK mentioned above, I have found the following open source libraries:

Open CV




I have not fully tested any of them yet, I just give the info. If anyone knows of another one, the information will be very welcome.
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