any one Help I have an Exam tomorow pls assist to understand the following questions please please please

Been working on this question I am nt sure if im doing the right theng please help

4 1 Write the statement that u pd ates the val ue of an integer variable total by ad ding 1o to 1t Assu me that the va ria ble 1s a lready declared and m1t1alised to zero (2)

8 COS1511
October/November 2017

4 2 Write the statement that declares a named constant CURRENCY and associates 1t with value
"euro", (2)

4 3 Wnte the statement that declares an array named c of size 1o with elements of type
customer ? (2)

4 4 Consider the statement

char ch = 'A'

Write a single C++ statement that will convert the char variable ch to its ASCII code and display 1t on the screen (2)

4 5 Consider the statement

string name = "Michael Jackson" ,

Write the if cond1t1on that will check whether the second name m the string 1s "Jackson" or not (Assume one space between the two names) (2)

5 1 Wnte the statement for the function call which passes a two d1mens1onal array sales [4 ] [3 J
to the void function display ( ) (2)

5 2 Wnte the function header for mult iply ( ) function that has two floating point numbers as value parameters and returns the result of multiplying them (2)

5 3 Wnte the statement that assigns a value 25 to the last element 1n the 4th row of integer array
student (50 ] [SJ ( 2)

5 4 Wnte the condition that evaluates to false and causes the whi le loop to exit when the value
in the loop control variable score 1s NOT in the range 0 to 100 (both included m the range)
I am nt sure if im doing the right

No, you are not. It seems that you have scanned and OCR'd questions from a paper, but you show no effort to solve any of those questions. Doing nothing is not the right thing.

Since you show no answers or comments whatsoever -- correct, wrong, or partial -- we cannot know whether you understand the questions.
yes i have copied from a previous exam I needed someone to help if I understand, i GUES i WAIT FOR A GOOD SAMARITAN TO HELP if nt to bad for me.
I had a better hand written ocr 15 years ago. I have an idea for your next project.

Ill get you started, but if you can't do these, you are going to fail, and probably deserve it, as they are extremely basic.

1) variable++;
2) ??
3) ??
4) customer c[10];
5) cout << (int)ch;

keskiverto IS your good samaritan. You are just too lazy and stupid to recognize one.

Anyone who "helps" this moron should be kicked off the site.
The laziness is INCREDIBLE! He didn't even fix up the garbage that he pasted.
No attempt to answer the questions at all.
Thanks a lot I guess I deserve to be called such and wonder if you were called such when you started your education and especially programming nevertheless will work with what I know if Ii fail will try again till I know it like you know

Thanks to those who tried may he supply more to your need
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