What C++ compiler do you use?

[btw]I use Visual Studio C++.[/btw]

gcc (well, g++, which calls gcc with specific libraries).
From the command line. Usually in Windows, occasionally in linux.

I sometimes check against other online compilers. gcc can be a bit generous with extensions to the standard.
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g++ (several platforms) and visual studio (preferred editor for large code). I use notepad++ and Cygwin mostly for the little stuff.
current job: Visual Studio, GCC, Intel C++
previous job: Oracle Studio, IBM xlC, HP aCC
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Turbo C++ 3.0


Sorry, I use cl, clang, and gcc mainly.
Similar to jonnin, g++ but use visual studio for editing and navigating larger codebases. Notepad++ for small programs (one or two .cpp files). I don't use cygwin much, but I use msys2 to help me build libraries on windows that normally aren't windows-friendly.
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